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How Personalized Can We Make YOUR Lighting?

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014. Posted in Northern Virginia Lighting Designer

Encore Custom Audio Video has the solutions for Lighting Control form and function

If you’re worried that your individuality will be lost when you work with a technology integrator for your controlled lighting options, we’ve got great news!  The fact is that an expert lighting control system allows you to get creative in all sorts of ways (from which light sources react to your commands to the design of the controllers themselves, and much more) that will uniquely express your personality and style. When you partner with Encore Custom AV, your system will feel like a natural extension of your house; easily relatable and providing genuine value and enjoyment.

Encore Custom AV Puts You in Full Control of Your Phones & Tablets

on Thursday, 20 February 2014. Posted in DC Metro Home Automation

Northern Virginia-area integration specialist explains why controlling your environment from your phone and tablet is so compelling

Imagine you are home right now and want to watch HBO. How many clicks does this take from your current remote system? How many remotes does it take? Where is the remote? Everyone here at Encore Custom AV understands the frustration of remote overload, with too many devices and too many buttons that need pushing before you can relax and settle in for a fun time.

Now, imagine you tap an HBO icon on your phone or tablet and the following happens:

How Many Ways Can Lighting Control Enhance Your Life?

on Wednesday, 22 January 2014. Posted in Northern Virginia Lighting Designer

Encore Custom AV illuminates the finer points of automated lighting

Looking for a simple way to improve your property appeal, make your life easier AND reduce your energy costs at the same time? Then Encore has your solution with lighting controls!

Why does Upgrading Your Home Network Matter?

on Monday, 25 November 2013. Posted in Northern Virginia Home Automation

Encore Custom A/V looks at the benefits of managed network options

Having problems with a lagging home network? Encore, your full-service residential and commercial custom electronics and design integration partner for A/V, Lighting Control, Motorized Shading, Home Automation and Network equipment has the solution.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all developed an expectation to be wirelessly connected at all times. Everywhere we go, we look for updates on our smart phone, tablet or iPad, all while working on our laptop. We use these devices to access today’s vast array of digital media such as streaming music, HD video, or even accessing our home automation and security while away.