The showroom is located in Sterling, Virginia close to the Dulles Airport and minutes from the Dulles Greenway Toll Road and Route 28.


Photo Gallery - Showroom

  • Home Theater Chairs
  • Private Theater Controls
  • Encore Accolades
  • Private Cinema Showroom
  • Hidden Picture Screen

Showroom Features

Included in this showroom is the following:

Dedicated Home Theater Featuring:

  • 5.1 Bay Audio speaker System with TCX62 speakers for front array, TC60’s for the rears, and two Impact 12 subwoofers.
  • Digital Projection Projector
  • Continental Seating
  • Vutec Auto mask Screen
  • Sherbourn Pre-amp and Amplifier
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Blueray Player
  • Crestron Wireless Touch Panel Controller

Distributed Audio & Video:

  • 5 Zone Distributed Audio System featuring Crestron & B&K with in ceiling speakers
  • Distributed video system featuring Crestron DM
  • Audio Sources featuring an Autonomic Music server with Rhapsody, Itunes, and Pandora
  • Video Sources featuring Cable, PS3, and Blueray


Family Room/Master Bedroom 5.1 Surround Sound Featuring:

  • 46” LED Display
  • 5.1 Atlantic Technology In Ceiling/In Wall Speaker System
  • Denon Receiver
  • Blueray Player
  • Crestron Hand Held Wireless Controller

Lighting & Thermostat Control Featuring:

  • Three zones of Crestron Lighting
  • One thermostat


  • Home Automation control system featuring Crestron
  • Crestron Ipad Control
  • Crestron 6” In Wall Touch Screen
  • Crestron Wireless Handheld touch screen Remote
  • 8 zones of distributed lighting control by Crestron
  • HVAC Control By Crestron
  • Security Interface
  • Weather Interface
  • Surveillance Interface


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